June 15th, 2009 by nkeynes
Been a bit quiet around here
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Not much really got done last month, seeing as I was away for nearly all of it, but I did get a few small tidy ups done. The new translation core is definitely on hold now for a while so I can get some other things done – I’ll get back to it at some unspecified point in the future.

So… I suppose what everyone’s waiting for: There will be a 0.9.1 in the next few weeks (also known as the “what do you mean we haven’t had a release in 8 months?!” release), which will be more or less current svn trunk + one more feature I’m working on at the moment.


  • Wahrhaft sent in a patch to add hotkey support, quick-save-states, and an LIRC input driver, thanks!
  • Refactored the gdrom support module to be a lot cleaner, and make it easier to add other MMC-based native drivers. I think a fixed a few bugs in the process as well.
  • Added ability to build drivers that require 3rd-party libs as dynamic objects rather than statically linked – this should make binary packaging a bit saner. On by default for now, configure –disable-shared to turn off.
  • GTK: Added GNOME desktop entry for more convenient desktop integration
  • OSX: Added fullscreen support (“er wait, the OSX port doesn’t do fullscreen?”)

4 Responses to “Been a bit quiet around here”

  1. RaiCoss says:

    Release some .DEB’s already! :P

  2. nkeynes says:

    Whatchu talking ’bout, there’s been debs on the download page for nearly a year! :-)

  3. RaiCoss says:

    I mean for 0.9.1 :P

  4. nkeynes says:

    They’ll be out soon too…

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