July 5th, 2009 by nkeynes
Mailing lists
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It’s been pointed out to me that lxdream currently lacks mailing lists, and that it might be a good idea to have some. I mean, sure we have the forums, but they aren’t really as convenient as email, are they? So since my esteemed webhost actually has mailman setup and ready to go, I’ve gone ahead and setup the standard lists with lxdream-users, lxdream-dev and lxdream-commit – click here to go to the subscription pages. Mercurial commits are already going to lxdream-commit (albeit HTML-only at the moment, using CVSspam for the notifications)

You can also monitor the repository through the RSS feed at http://www.lxdream.org/hg/lxdream/rss-log – whichever you prefer, but the mailing list has more detail (ie full diffs).

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