October 28th, 2009 by nkeynes
Website upgraded
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We’re now (finally) up-to-date with everything on the site – let me know if I’ve inadvertently broken anything. I eventually gave up on the Trac option – the core system is nice enough, but it was going to take far too much work to get the plugins up to standard, in order to support everything that the current site does.

With respect to lxdream itself, unfortunately I’ve had precious little time to work on it this year as life just seems to keep getting busier and busier. I’m hopeful I might be able to pull together some kind of end-of-year release, but I can’t say whether or not that will actually happen.

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  1. I can’t speak for everyone, but I think most people will understand that life can get busy. Regardless, it’s great that the project is as far as it is, and that it’s the best DC emulator for *nix platforms.

  2. dogbert0360 says:

    As for myself, I can sympathize with life being busy and all that. So just do the best that you can with lxdream. I only wish that I was a good programmer so that I could help you out. Just don’t give up!

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