June 12th, 2010 by nkeynes
ISO9660 support update
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I recently discovered that there is in fact a very nice ISO9660 library out there already called, oddly enough, libisofs. I’m not sure why I didn’t come across it earlier, but in any case I’ve ripped out my half-baked ISO support and added a dependency on libisofs instead. It looks to be available prebuilt for most systems, so hopefully no major dramas there.

The on-the-fly ISO-building support is in now as well (mainly thanks to the above), at least for executables. You can now load binaries from either the gdrom dialog (which packages it into a MIL-CD disc image), or the ‘load binary’ dialog (which does what it always did). The command-line is also changed slightly – “lxdream mygame.elf” loads the program as a disc, and “lxdream -e mygame.elf” executes it directly.

Additionally, loading “binary” files (i.e. as generated from “sh-elf-objcopy -O binary”) is now supported (seeing as it turns out that this wasn’t working previously). Since there’s no reliable way to identify them from content, they have to end in “.bin” to be recognized though.

So with that out of the way, I think I might go back to poking at the renderer the next time I have a few free moments. One thing at a time…

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  1. scarecrow says:

    Wow….Thanks for keeping up with this project. You rock pretty hard. Looking forward to the next update.

  2. RichardLinx says:

    While I have no idea what this post means or even says (I’m pretty baked, sorry…) I came across this recently: http://code.google.com/p/nulldc/

    It seems NullDC is now open source. I have no idea if this is helpful and since it says on Wikipedia that the latest release was 36 days ago you probably know about this anyway. I figure there might be some code or something you can “borrow” from here since it’s open source. Then again, it could be coded in a completely different language… I haven’t been following Dreamcast emulation since my only computer (See: Netbook) isn’t fit to emulate Dreamcast (let alone Nintendo 64…).

    Anyway, I always kind of liked this emulator because it ran Jet Set Radio for me (Back when I had a decent computer…).

    So, yeah…

    Wow, I wrote a lot. It’s probably not even a useful comment. But uh, keep up the project and don’t let the NullDC developers beat you. (For some reason I’m viewing this as an epic emulator programming competition right now… I dunno.)

    Anywho I’m going to go sleep now or something. Keep up the good work, man.

  3. sonicwalter says:

    can you sort out this emulator for the mac osx 10.5.8? it’s like going slow. everytime i load it up, it’s going slow for no reason. i just go it today and it starts going slow. make some changes to it will ya?

  4. Giles says:

    I’m new to lxdream, but the project is looking really good, just fired up a game of chuchu rocket, emulation is almost perfect; I’m really impressed, and wondering why I hadn’t heard of this before. Well done and thanks :)

  5. scarecrow says:

    Hey sonicwalter it’s great that you’ve mentioned the slowness of this incomplete program. You should fix it. That would be a great help. Thanks.

  6. i23098 says:

    Thanks for the great work… 0.9.2 soon? ;)

  7. natedog2007 says:

    hey thanks for doing this no progress sinc june hope you are still working on it and things are going alright for ya

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