November 8th, 2007 by nkeynes
lxdream 0.8.1 released (minor release)
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I wasn’t originally planning to do a point release, but it’s probably worth fixing a few issues that were reported on the forums (mostly configure / portability related). Plus you get full-screen and GDI image support thrown in for free too!

I’d be interested to know how this fares on x86-based *BSD systems if anyone wants to test it out – hopefully it should be possible to at least build it now.


  • Fix configure script to abort if it doesn’t find a required library (eg, or
  • Add checks to the configure script for linux/cdrom.h, and avoid building the CD-Rom driver if it’s not found.
  • Add preliminary support for nulldc-style gdi images
  • Implement gdrom mode select command (mostly stub)
  • Fix some non-64bit-safe code
  • Fix the maple 0×00000700 issue

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