November 16th, 2007 by nkeynes
This week in lxdream
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The big change this week was the cutover to subversion for source control, otherwise things are fairly quiet at the moment. Also looking into a few homebrew games that are black-screening at the moment (damnit…) which would be nice to fix…

  • Converted source repository to subversion
  • Handful of minor bugfixes
  • Add support for CDI v4 (I think), and NRG 5.5+ images.
  • Add quick-n-dirty set of debian control files
  • Fix make install to include system rc file and exclude intermediate tools.
  • Start fixing up the unit/system tests to actually run properly
  • Added brazilian portugese and german UI translations (thanks to arthonis and linuxdonald)

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  1. zion says:

    Thanks so much

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