January 16th, 2008 by nkeynes
lxdream-mmu merged
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Now that the mmu branch is running on all three platforms, I’ve merged it back to the trunk. Which is not to say that it’s _finished_ (it still doesn’t fully boot linux-dc), just that it doesn’t break anything that was previously working (to the best of my knowledge).

I’ve also working on some preliminary joystick/gamepad support (linux /dev/input/js*) – the driver itself is nearly trivial (the linux input interfaces are pretty nice), but I need to refactor our input event handling a little (currently it expects all input events to come from the UI).


  • Add support for breakpoints in translated code (about time)
  • Add MMU store-queue support
  • Handle dreamcast_stop() and dreamcast_reset() properly from translated code
  • Fix MMU build on OSX and x86-64
  • Fix testsh4x86 compilation
  • Fix TRAPA in emulation core
  • Fix MMU support in emulation core
  • Fix ITLB
  • Fix delay slot exception translation issues

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