January 23rd, 2008 by nkeynes
Linux booting
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After fixing some boneheadedness in the ASIC event code (and a whole passel of translator caching and other bugs), I’ve finally gotten to the login prompt:
Linux-dc login prompt
(to clarify, this is the dreamcast-linux-010605 ISO that Takeshi Yaegashi put together several years ago, running a modified 2.4.5 kernel)

Unfortunately (after the happy dance), it was at this point that I realised I haven’t actually implemented the keyboard yet, so it’s impossible to do anything useful with it. It’s also admittedly painfully slow to start, but I was expecting that (TLB lookup is currently near pessimal).

Anyway, working on the keyboard driver now ^_^.

PS: If anyone has a working link to this image, please let me know where it is (I’d like to keep a link to it) – my google-fu has utterly failed to turn up a good version as yet, and my own copy is only on a somewhat scratched CD…

  • Add VMA support to the SH4 disassembly functions
  • Handle out-of-page delay slot execution with emulation single-step
  • Finish translator breakpoint implementation
  • Fix a pair of long standing ASIC event bugs
  • Fix xltcache forgetting to clear references to blocks before overwriting them
  • Fix recovery + backpatch records not being position independent (big duh!)
  • Fix yet another translate block bounds overrun
  • Fix MAC.L/MAC.W exception handling (broke the stack if the second arg caused an exception)
  • Fix various other minor bugs

Update: Just hacked together a quick keyboard driver, able to login and launch X now. Excellent…

6 Responses to “Linux booting”

  1. nkeynes says:

    That looks like the one, thanks for the links.


  2. fackue says:

    Does this compile under Windows?

  3. nkeynes says:

    fackue: No idea. If you’re lucky you might be able to get it to work using cygwin (with their X11 port) – feel free to try it and let me know how it goes :)

    If anyone’s interested in doing a “real” port, I’d be more than happy to integrate the changes, but personally I don’t see a lot of point in working on it at the moment when we’re not even at parity with the existing win32 dreamcast emulators.

  4. fackue says:

    I tried it a few days ago under Cygwin but it couldn’t find the OpenGL library even after I downloaded the OpenGL packages from the Cygwin installer.

  5. nkeynes says:

    Okay, just because I was curious…

    CFLAGS=-I/usr/X11R6/include LDFLAGS=-L/usr/X11R6/lib ./configure

    (cygwin puts the GL files under /usr/X11R6, where configure doesn’t currently look)

    cd src
    make gendec.exe lxdream.exe

    (The dependency for gendec doesn’t work in win32 atm, but that’s easy enough to work around)


    And to my moderate surprise, it actually started up normally at that point (with X11 running of course). Kudos are in order for the cygwin guys, I think.

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