January 31st, 2008 by nkeynes
lxdream 0.8.3 released
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Last 0.8 point release, I swear. Just for a change, this one actually has some new features too. Specifically, it now runs linux (now some may argue that that’s not actually a _useful_ feature, but it’s a nice milestone)

With that out of the way, I think it’s finally time to rip the renderer apart and fix it all up, don’t you? ^_^

What’s New

  • MMU Implementation – As previously noted, linux-dc now runs quite well, albeit slowly.
  • Dreamcast mouse and keyboard controllers (also rather essential for running linux-dc)
  • Support for real joysticks and gamepads (linux host only)
  • Various bug fixes

Other Changes

  • Change timer (TMU) interrupts to be precise (within the bounds of a code block anyway)
  • Implement SLEEP op properly in translator
  • Clamp run speed in the GUI if it’s running too fast
  • Run event loop more frequently to avoid missing keyboard events

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