February 18th, 2008 by nkeynes
Render rewrite still going
Posted in Development

Still working on the render rewrite which is now in the lxdream-render branch (which may or may not even compile, and certainly won’t work at the moment).

The frontend stage to extract the poly+vertex data out into a nice array format is working now, and it runs in just about negligible time. Current task is to execute the rendering from the vertex buffer, which should be pretty straightforward. So… once this is done we should have a renderer which is a) much cleaner/extensible, b) much faster, and c) about the same or even less code.

If only all software engineering was like that ^_^.

Trunk Changes

  • Fix inverted mouse button sense
  • Fix incorrect error response size for maple get_condition buffers
  • Fix keypad keycode translations
  • Fix SLEEP timing fubar introduced in 0.8.3

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