October 16th, 2008 by nkeynes
Feature-freeze for 0.9
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The triangle sort improvements are in now (that being the most requested fix in the poll), which has made a big difference to many scenes. It’s still not 100% correct (and the 100% correct version needs a lot more time than I have right now), but the situations it gets wrong tend not to crop up so often in real scenes. From this point I’m just tracking down a few rendering glitches and related bugs which may or may not be fixed in time for release.

The bad news is that 0.9 will not have complete or perfect PVR2 emulation as originally envisioned. The good news is that most of the features that are still missing now are used fairly rarely, and the overall rendering quality is a huge jump over 0.8.*. And we’ll only continue to improve the quality and performance in following releases, of course.

What didn’t make the cut:

  • Accumulation buffer + bump mapping (although the error dialogs have been killed)
  • Shadow volumes for translucent polygons
  • Strip buffers


  • PVR2: Render-to-texture actually works now, with some internal simplifications
  • PVR2: Made triangle sorting algorithm approximate correctness a little more closely.
  • SH4: Fixed a few places where the T flag was accidentally being clobbered
  • OSX: Add the default config file into the bundle

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