January 22nd, 2007 by nkeynes
Weekly update
Posted in Development

Fixed a whole passel of texture/render issues, and another game now runs more or less correctly all the way through the title movies to the start. It’s not playable though yet, and it has some nasty (non-renderer) in-game graphics glitches.


  • Implemented prototype scene save/load (bug #24)
  • Fix RGB565 textures
  • Fix modulated texture blending
  • Fix depth clear (another old OpenGL misunderstanding on my part)
  • Fix yet another stupid texcache crash bug
  • Unstub the AICA RTC write function and implement the write-enable flag (mainly to stop it whinging about said stub).
  • Reimplemented G2 FIFO status register (was relying on obsolete data and getting stuck occasionally)
  • ReImplemented the horizontal scan position IRQ (aka HPOSIRQ) to not be completely and utterly wrong
  • Tidy up asic event handling.

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