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February 16th, 2007 by nkeynes
And life goes on…
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Most of this week’s spare time went into writing tests for the SH4 core and doing some initial translator design. Also shook the bug list out for M3 so as to get a bit of plan in order. Other than that it’s been a pretty quiet week.

  • Add a batch of SH4 tests
  • Fixed headless mode (broken by display changes in M2)
  • Fixed phpbb forums to not show inactive users in the memberlist or elsewhere – I’m sick of deleting spam accounts, and I’m hoping this might encourage the ****ers to sod off… (ok, this is probably wishful thinking, but at least I don’t have to clean up as much)
February 11th, 2007 by nkeynes
Milestone 2 released
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Well what are you waiting for? Download it already ^_^. The major work this week was in the video output rewrite (bug #27) – I was originally going to delay this until after the release, but it just made it in in the end. It both cleans up that part of the code a _lot_, as well as fixes a few bugs related to multiple buffers. It also makes render-to-texture much easier to implement now.

The next release (Milestone 3) is intended to be 2-3 months away, with the main priorities being the SH4 recompiler (ie speed), and getting a reasonable end-user UI in place.

  • Fix parsing of (some?) v3.0 discjuggler images.
  • Fix compressed mipmap textures
  • Fix texture v-clamp
  • Fix linux cd driver not checking for media change
  • Rewrite video output to use opengl framebuffer objects
February 2nd, 2007 by nkeynes
Final Pre-M2 Update
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M2 will be out next week sometime (depending on available time), so this is the last update prior to that. Nothing major this week, just little fixes and improvements.

  • Implement y-scale 1/2 factor (other values to follow)
  • Allow independent display fields rather than assuming frames are directly interlaced into 2 fields.
  • Invalidate palette textures when the palette changes (a bit of a “duh” really)
  • Fix modulate texture mode (close off bug #16)
  • Finish Backplane control word (bug #10)
  • Fix TA ignoring tile clip on quads
  • Fix TA vertical tile clip in general.
  • Calculate the render size for real rather than just assuming it’s going to be 640×480
  • Refactor gdrom module to be more flexible for “real” device drivers