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August 12th, 2007 by nkeynes
Not dead
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No, lxdream is not dead. Unfortunately I’ve been caught between increased demands in real life, and an translator generator sub-project that’s still some way from completion (hence no useful updates).

The translator generator is, admittedly, a fair deviation from the simplest thing that could possibly work, but the trade-off was that it would make a hairy and error-prone section of code substantially more reliable (in other words, if it gets something wrong it’ll break everything, rather than the likely case of one or two instructions being subtly wrong once in a while).

Current status: The decoder generator is working fairly nicely for SH4 (it’s not really general enough for much else atm). The assembler should be done in the following week, and then I’m aiming to get the register allocator finished 2-3 weeks after that. So if nothing goes massively wrong, there’ll be a September release with the translator in it (and not a whole lot of
other changes at this stage).

Which puts us on track for an end-user release in December, so only 6-months behind the original schedule *grin*.