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May 27th, 2008 by nkeynes
Ok, break time’s over
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So I get back from vacation and discover that my main desktop has decided to commit suicide. On the bright side, its replacement has two important advantages. Firstly, it’s somewhat faster; and secondly it runs 64-bit code natively – in other words you can start to expect x86-64 to work at least as well as i386 does :) . Also it doesn’t overheat under a moderate load like the old one did either, which is nice.

Interestingly enough, on said new machine, the 64-bit version runs about 12% faster than the 32-bit version. That’s… pretty impressive actually.

On the Mac front, I’ve finally stumbled over the reason I couldn’t get it to work properly (It simply refused to become the active application, take key focus, etc) – apparently Cocoa really, _really_ wants to run inside an application bundle, and gets very unhappy when there isn’t one… At least now that that’s sorted I should be able to get the preliminary cocoa ui in real soon now.

So based on current scheduled items, you can probably expect 0.9 somewhere towards the end of July.


  • Change FR bank handling to swap rather than using an index pointer. Actually slightly faster + simpler this way
  • Fully integrate the SH4 instruction counting (enabled with ./configure –enable-sh4stats)
  • Cleanup lots of compile warnings (not all yet, but getting there) that have been hanging around for a while
  • Fix save states on x86-64 (and also fix compatibility with 32-bit saves)