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June 20th, 2008 by nkeynes
Small fixes
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Mostly just finishing/unbreaking things I’d broken in recent changes, so there’s nothing terribly exciting to report at the moment.


  • Fix launching from the Finder (odd command line arguments and all)
  • Move the background into the main scene structure, so it’s actually included in the min/max z (the lack of which was causing missing backgrounds in some situations). Massively simplifies things at the cost of needing colour unclamping support for correct output in all situations.
  • Change internal colour format to float from unsigned char – surprisingly doesn’t have much impact on performance, but makes a few things much simpler to implement
  • Finish integrating the run-time limiting properly so that it’s no longer a big wart on main.c (and works properly on OS X as well)
  • Refactor the GD-Rom selection menu to be a bit more generic and add a cocoa view for it
June 1st, 2008 by nkeynes
OS X user interface – first cut
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The first version of the cocoa UI is in subversion now, and enabled by default if you’re building on Mac. You’ll need to do ‘make bundle’, which will give you which should (hopefully) launch normally. Currently it’s missing the configuration dialogs and a couple of other things, but it’s mostly there – anyone want to try it out and let me know if it works for them? (Especially curious as to whether or not it runs on 10.4).
To get the GTK interface instead, configure with –with-gtk.