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August 20th, 2008 by nkeynes
Small Bug Fixes
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I’ve been taking some time to tidy up a few lingering issues with the emulation, mostly small fixes but it does tend to take some time to find the bugs. As part of this, I’ve also started putting together a test harness for the ARM processor, but it’s not quite working on the actual hardware yet (In other news, the G2 bus hates me with a rather astounding passion).

I’ll probably keep going through these for another couple of weeks at this stage – it would be nice to get through the remaining known black-screen/hang type of bugs before I get back to mangling the renderer.

  • SH4: Fix 64-bit bugs that broke the OS X 64-bit builds
  • SH4: Fix ASID usage in ITLB lookups
  • SH4: Fix core-exit on a translation-cache flush when it occurs in a branch delay slot
  • SH4: Add the 1Cxx..1Fxx mapping for the P4 region when accessed through the TLB
  • SH4: Add version register 0xFF000030 (read-only).
  • SH4: Add undocumented performance counters (just stubbed for now) . Removes the 0xFF100008 warnings, but breaks save-state compatibility.
  • ARM: Fix STM {R15} offset (should be +12, was +8)
  • ARM: Add missing half-word load/store instructions
  • ARM: Add test harness work-in-progress
  • Other: Cleanup all the -Wall compile-time warnings
August 4th, 2008 by nkeynes
Minor OS X update
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I’ve uploaded a new OS X binary package that actually runs on 10.4 now. It also includes a fix for the Intel GMA950, and a new .dst document icon. In any case, you probably only want this if the previous package didn’t work for you.