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    Dreamcast support is now in the mainline 2.6 kernel - The linux-sh project is hosted at www.linux-sh.org and there's some dreamcast specific information here. Adrian McMenamin maintains a linux-dc git tree at http://newgolddream.dyndns.info/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi

    Gentoo has a prebuilt stage3 for SH4 (under experimental/sh/stages) dated Apr 2007, but it doesn't look like anyone has made a livecd for it yet - any Gentoo wizards want to have a go at it?

    The old linuxdc project page is still up on sourceforge at http://linuxdc.sourceforge.net/, and has patches in CVS from 2.4.8 through 2.5.44

    Source(s): Dreamcast Linux

    2001 Live CD

    Released by Takeshi Yaegashi (according to internet lore), this is a complete debian-based live CD including a working X11. The kernel is a patched 2.4.5, and supports pretty much all the useful hardware (network adapter, keyboard/mouse, framebuffer...)

    Local copies are available for download here, thanks to The Gypsy: (please go easy on our bandwidth ^_^)

    The tarball is also mirrored here:

    Alternatively CDI/ISO images are also available from one of the following links (note that we have not checked all of these - if any don't work or are the wrong version, please let us know).

    The CDI images contained above do not appear to be bootable - you will need to extract the ISO using cdirip or a similar tool, and burn it following the usual process (there is also a master.sh script in the root directory of the ISO that will do the job for you).

    Source(s): Dreamcast Linux

    2000 CD

    There is also an earlier disc image that can be found at http://ftp.riken.go.jp/pub/misc/Japan/m17n.org/super-h/CD-R/lc2000.iso. This disc has a patched 2.4.0-test8 kernel, and no apparent userspace beyond the initrd image. The disc itself contains the source (with SH patches) for the toolchain and base setup, although again the DC-specific patches seem to be lost to the ages.

    Note (for anyone trying to use this): The kernel on this disc appears to be hard-coded to look for a standard controller on the first maple port, and the keyboard on the fourth port.

    Source(s): Dreamcast Linux


    The following is a semi random collection of contributed links relating to DC linux