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    If you test any games or demos with lxdream that aren't listed here, please add them and let us know how well they work. Ratings are intended to be from 0 to 5, where 0 is "black screen, nothing works", and 5 is "runs perfectly with no problems"


    Title Rating Bugs/Errors Lxdream Version


    Title Rating Bugs/Errors Lxdream Version
    Aero Dancing F - Tsubasas First Flight 3.0 Slow with many major graphic bugs. 0.8.4
    Aerowings 3.5 Run at correct speed (80% on a Core2Duo 1.83Ghz). Many graphic bugs. 0.8.4
    Aerowings 2 - Airstrike 3.5 The same as Aerowings, a little bit slower. 0.8.4
    Buggy Heat 3.5 Menu are good and fast (80% on a Core2Duo 1.83Ghz). Game has some minor graphic bugs but run really slowly (40%). 0.8.4
    Capcom Fighting Collection 0 Stays at a grey window. If start or A button is pressed the game starts loading but never ends.
    Capcom VS SNK: Millenium Fight 2000 4.0 Playable but very slow, glitched sprites. 0.9.1
    Capcom VS SNK 2 0 Crashes at loading screen before main menu. 0.9.1
    Cannon Spike 4.0 Runs slowly. 3d is near perfect, but 2d menus and overlays have rainbow gradients on them. 0.9.1
    Carrier 3.5 Playable.Graphical glitches, decent performance.Poor sound quality. 0.9.1
    Coaster Works 2.5 Runs slowly (~50%). Graphic issues. No sound. 0.8.4
    Chu Chu Rocket 4.0 Slow, but playable.
    Confidential Mission 4.0 Slow (30-50%), but playable (on a dual core system). The 3D graphics seem to have no issues, but the upper half of text is often to dark, and the 2D menues are not displayed right in some case, e.g. when selecting a VMU memory block. 0.9.1
    Crazy Taxi 4.0 Playable, but slow (4% on Core2 2Ghz), working sound and graphics with some shadow maps issues. 0.9.1
    D2 3.0 Playable.Good performance, but graphical glitches and large amount of static noise in the audio. 0.9.1
    Daytona USA (no rating) cannot steer, up/down for view change works. Terrain graphics glitchy, models and background are good.
    Dead or Alive 2 0 Game is not recognized in the system. The page remains on "Please load game disc," even when reset.
    Death Crimson OX 2.5 Run normally but throw some "Undefined texture format" errors in game. We can continue the game until it definitively stop on "Accumulation buffer not supported" error. 0.8.4
    Demolution Racer No Exit 4.5 Slow. Playable. 0.8.4
    Donald Duck Quack Attack 2.0 Slow. Playable but throw many "Undefined texture format" errors. 0.8.4
    3.0 Slow (40-55%), but only occasional and minor graphical errors. Crashes or freezes after a few steps in the actual stages. 0.9.1
    Dragon Riders - Chronicles of Pern 3.5 Playable. Some graphical glitches especially on character models and occasional static noise. 0.9.1
    Dynamite Cop 4.0 Slow (30-50%), but playable on a dual core. Almost no graphical issues, only the player character has really minor issues sometimes at the edges of textures. There are some issues with 2D graphics in menus, similar to Confidential mission, e.g. that parts of the text are rendered too dark. 0.9.1
    Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future 1.0 Crashes after a 30 seconds or so of gameplay.Slow, graphical glitches, and poor quality sound. 0.9.1
    Elemental Gimmick Gear 4.0 Playable.Full speed (e5200@3.6ghz), minor graphical glitches, poor quality sound. 0.9.1
    Ferrari F355 Challenge 0.0 Game never loads.
    Flag To Flag - Cart Racing 4.0 Slow, with some minor graphic bugs 0.8.4
    F1 World Grand Prix 2 2.5 Slowly playable with major graphic bugs. All sprites are blinking... 0.8.4
    Grandia 2 2.5 Slow (~45%) but playable. MAJOR sound issues. Runs very slowly in graphics heavy scenery. Graphics issues. Only playable at good frame rate on Openbox or Fluxbox (~50% avg). On Xfce is slightly slower (~25% avg). On KDE is VERY SLOW (~7% avg). 0.9.1
    Jet Grind Radio 2.5 Runs, slow but playable. Has graphics issues. 0.9.0
    Ikaruga 3.0 Playable.Good performance with some slowdown, minor graphical glitches, no sound.CDI image doesn't work. 0.9.1
    Looney Tunes Space Race 3.0 Playable.Graphical glitches, no sound output. 0.9.1
    Karous 4.0 Playable.Good performance, and graphics seem to be near perfect.Poor quality sound. 0.9.1
    Macross M3 1.0 Menus are perfect and run at correct speed (85% on a Core2Duo 1.83Ghz). Black screen on game start. 0.8.4
    Maken X 3.5 The game runs slowly (~40-50% most of the time) on a dual core (64 bit), but seems to work. There are some minor issues with the graphics, most notably the player's weapon, but nothing disturbing. The sound, however, is totally broken. 0.9.1
    Marvel VS Capcom 0 Game never loads (Black screen). 0.9.1
    Marvel VS Capcom 2 3.5 Slow, but playable. Minor bugs at sprites rendering.
    Metropolis Street Racer 3.5 Playable.Minor graphical glitches, and it's not quite full speed on my system (e5200@3.6ghz).Poor quality sound. 0.9.1
    NBA Showtime 3.5 Very slow, but playable. Some clipping bugs. 0.8.4
    NBA2K 1.0 Introduction plays. Game prevented by error: Attempted long read to undefined page 0.9
    Ooga Booga 0 Freeze on SEGA logotype. 0.9.1033
    Outtrigger 4.5 Playable. Slow with minor graphic bugs 0.8.4
    Phantasy Star Online 1.0 Menu seens to work fine. Game does not start due to lack of VMU.
    Powerstone 3.5 Runs. Slow but playable. 0.9.0
    Powerstone 2 3.5 Runs. Slow but playable. Must select 50hz mode. 0.9.0
    Propeller Arena 1.0 Gets in game, but then crashes.Graphical glitches, poor sound quality. 0.9.1
    Pro Pinball Trilogy 1.0 Displays publisher / developer logo and video mode selection, black screen at main menu 0.9.1
    Psyvariar 2 4.0 Playable.Has minor graphical glitches and poor sound quality. 0.9.1
    Rayman 2 - The Great Escape 2.0 Slow. Playable untill second screen where it gives error output. Crappy sound.
    Ready 2 Rumble 3.0 Playable.Good performance, graphical glitches, broken sound. 0.9.1
    Resident Evil : Code Veronica 3.5 Playable.Minor graphical glitches, some slowdown, and poor sound quality. 0.9.1
    Rez 3.0 Slow, but playable. Sound works, graphics errors on some models, but nearly perfect. 0.9.1
    Roadsters 4.0 Runs. Slow but playable. 0.9.0
    San Francisco Rush 2049 1.0 Audio is choppy in the title screens. Game never loads fully.
    Seaman 1.0 Audio is choppy in the title screen. Doesn't fully load due to lack of required microphone compatibility.
    Sega GT 4.0 lxdream indicate that menus are running 100% but they are very very slow. In a race, graphics are correct, game is slow but playable. 0.9
    Sega Rally 2 0 Freeze on SEGA logotype. 0.8.4
    Shenmue 2.5 Playable.Slow, graphical glitches, poor quality sound.CDI image crashes, so had to convert to NRG. 0.9.1
    Shenmue 2 2.5 Playable.Slow, graphical glitches, poor quality sound.CDI image crashes, so had to convert to NRG. 0.9.1
    Smsplus 5.0 except sound and control seems perfect
    Spawn In The Demons Hand 4.0 Run slowly with minor graphic bugs. 0.8.4
    Spiderman 4.0 Run slowly with some minor graphic bugs. 0.8.4
    Sonic Adventure 2.5 Runs slowly (50%) and ingame 3D is creepy and non-textured. Menus and other stuff runs well at 50-60% 0.9
    Sonic Adventure 2 0 Displays SEGA screen, then goes blank. Program does not crash. 0.9.1
    Soul Calibur 3.0 Slow, but playable. Minor glitchy at character selection screen and at gameplay.
    Soul Reaver 1.0 Gets in game, but crashes shortly after.Minor graphical glitches and poor sound. 0.9.1
    Snow Surfers 1.0 Menus are perfect, game freeze on character load. Debugger send an "GL error setting render target (506)!" error. 0.8.4
    Star Wars:Episode I 1.5 Little graphics bugs
    Star Wars: Jedi Power Battle 4 Playable slowly. 0.8.4
    Street Fighter 3 - Third Strike 3.5 Playable. Slow with many minor graphic bugs 0.8.4
    Stunt GP 3.5 Playable. Very slow with some graphic bugs 0.8.4
    Surf Rocket Racer 3.5 Slowly playable 0.8.4
    Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing 4.0 Slow. Playable, some minor graphic bugs. 0.8.4
    Sword of the Berzerk 4.0 Slow. Playable, some minor graphic bugs. 0.9
    Super Street Fighter 2X 3.5 Playable.Good performance, minor graphical bugs, and sound is completely broken. 0.9.1
    Test Drive Le Mans 4.0 Slow. Playable, some minor graphic bugs. 0.8.4
    Test Drive V-Rally 3.5 Throw some "Attempted long read to undefined page: 44504D44" errors on boot, but it is possible to continue. Some bugs into the menu(especially, there are no character to enter player's name) but fast (nearly 100%). The game is slow(15%), playable, some minor graphic bugs. 0.8.4
    Time Stalkers 4.5 Slow. Playable. 0.8.4
    Tokyo Xtreme Racing 2 0.0 Game never loads.
    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 4.0 Run slow (~60% on a Core2Duo 1.83Ghz) with many minor graphic bugs. 0.8.4
    Toy Story 2 4.0 Run slow (~40% on a Core2Duo 1.83Ghz) but is graphically perfect. 0.8.4
    Tricolore Crise 1.0 Runs very slowly. Freezes once a battle starts but no graphics problems. 0.9
    Triggerheart Exelica 2.5 Slower than other games.Minor graphical glitches, poor quality sound. 0.9.1
    Under Defeat 4.5 Runs slowly. Perfect graphics. Slowness causes audio to crackle. 0.9.1
    Undercover AD 2025 Kei 0.5 Boot but screen stay black after "Sega" logo. lxdream display 3% as speed value. 0.9
    Virtua Athlete 2K 4.0 Slow with minor bugs. 0.8.4
    Virtua Fighter 3tb 0.0 Game never loads.
    Virtual-On OT 3.0 running slowly, graphic problem, rendering something behind in the front.
    Wacky races 0.0 The game only has the introduction working, the rest is total blackout.
    Wind and Water Puzzle Battle (independent game) 4.0 The game runs at full speed (dual core, 2.5 Ghz), visually flawless. Sound cannot be judged, I only get mush on my system in general. 0.9.1