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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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filename src/drivers/cd_osx.c
dateMon Jun 08 04:12:21 2009 +0000 (13 years ago)
last changeGeneral cleanup of the GD-rom subsystem
- merge gdrom_image_t and gdrom_disc_t
- Abstract MMC devices using a lower-level scsi transport
- OSX: only look at the whole disc device, and ignore partitions
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1023:264e2fd90be813 yearsnkeynesGeneral cleanup of the GD-rom subsystem
786:8f6ece92500e14 yearsnkeynesFix minor warnings
782:1af8b5ce627c14 yearsnkeynesWorkaround OS X's inability to handle CD reads of unknown size (ie where the read
739:46fa527d9fef14 yearsnkeynesRemove debugging error whinging
736:a02d1475ccfd14 yearsnkeynesRe-indent everything consistently
720:b5594d1ac80a14 yearsnkeynesGet OS X cdrom driver to the 'sort of working' stage. Hide most of the IOKit
709:18c39a8e504c14 yearsnkeynesCommit OSX CD-ROM driver work-in-progress